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One-man band Bulat Gafarov


One-man band performance of Bulat Gafarov

Multi-instrumental / One-man band show

Unique musical performance by multiinstrumentalist BULAT Gafarov



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Musical performance by world famous russian composer virtuoso multi-instrumentalist BULAT Gafarov.

Bulat plays simultaneously several musical instruments, sings jazzy, ethnic oriental, russian, throat overtone singing and beatbox, like man-orchestra.

In his unique one-man band show Bulat uses up to 30 musical instruments from around the world, different kind of singing, drums and sound processors! Everything - live!

Music styles: World Music / World Fusion / Ethnic-electronica / Ethno-jazz. Combinanation of ethnic and folk music with electronic, jazz, pop dance and lounge music.

Author's multi-instrumental musical performances by Bulat Gafarov: "Man-Orchestra", "Journey through the Music of the World", "Ethno-Musical Journey", "Creation of the Universe".

"One-man band show by Bulat Gafarov recognized as the best multi-instrumental solo performance in Russia" | Esquire Magazine | "Voice of Bulat Gafarov named as one of the unique voices of the world .." | TV Culture



One-man band show by Bulat Gafarov | "Kalimba-malimba":

Multiinstrumental performance by Bulat Gafarov feat loop station:



One man band solo performance by Bulat Gafarov in Canada | "Fog":

Live performance by multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov | "Fire"





Live ethnic electronica | Ethno drum'n'bass | IDM | "NB":

Lounge music with Hapi drum | Dream drum | Tank drum:


Japanese & Chinese music with koto / guzheng + shakuhati + dub beat:

"Urban Shaman" throat singing, strings and percussion instruments


Drums solo + ethno-electronic music:

DJ show with live musical instruments:



More videos on YouTube:





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