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Musical Instruments of Bulat Gafarov / Toke-Cha

Electronic Encyclopedia

of musical instruments by Bulat Gafarov | About 1000 musical instruments in own collection

Композитор Булат Гафаров




BULAT Gafarov - professional composer and songwriter / world famous musician / virtuoso multi-instrumentalist / singer with unique vocal / culturologist ethnographer / collector of more than 1000 musical instruments / member of UNESCO / "king of World music style" (The New York Times)

Bulat is the owner of over 1000 musical instruments - one of the largest collections in the world. These are: violins, flutes, vargans, percussion, didgeridoo, kalimba, koto, sitar, hang, hapi, drums, percussion, keyboards, wind and string instruments from all over the world. Each instrument works during the recording of music and at concerts. About thirty of them Bulat use at his multi-instrumental concerts. Can play 5 musical instruments and sing at the same time, for that he is often called a "man-orchestra"/"one-man band".

Bulat Gafarov is recognized as the owner of a unique voice. Professionally sings: archaic throat, melodic oriental, old slavic, jazz singing and beatbox.

Bulat with his projects is invited all over the world. Writes music and performs in USA, Canada, Russia, in many cities in Europe and Asia.

B. Gafarov has many awards and diplomas. The compositions have won several international composers' competitions. Tracks sound in dozens of famous films, theaters, ballets, advertising projects, animated videos and performances around the world.

Bulat's music covers such styles as: world music, ethno, electronics, classical music, rock and jazz; soundtracks; as well as combinations: drum-n-bass, breakbeat, psychill, ambient, new age and experimental.

Member of UNESCO. Certified culturologist, organizer of ethnographic expeditions, producer and creator of a unique encyclopedia of musical instruments.

"Bulat Gafarov's concert is a unique author's multimedia show! During his multi-instrumental musical performance, the listener takes an unforgettable exciting journey around the world..." GQ




Bulat Gafarov's musical works

Bulat Gafarov composed music for:



Theatres, ballets and performances:

  • "Hotel of two Worlds" by Eric Emanuel Smitt | The directors Patric Rollen, Igor Grigurko | RATI
  • "Siege" ("Osada") | Director Evgeniy Grishkovecz | STD theatre
  • "Sleep In Summer Night" | Director Natalya Anastasyeva | "Little World Theater"
  • Performance "The Fish-Sun" | Experimental theatre "Pag&Arm"
  • "Ugaim Sulde" | "Theatre Baikal" (Buryatia) | Dandar Badluev & German Pikus
  • Ballet "Sansara" RAMT | Nikita Dmitrievsky | Theatre "Ballet Moskva"
  • Opera improvisation "BOBBLE" by Bobby McFerrin & Tandy Beal (USA/Russia)
  • Ballet "The Little Prince" Theatre by V.S Meyerhold | Nikita Dmitrievsky
  • Ballet "ALEM" | "Astana ballet" / "Astana Opera" | MARIINSKY THEATRE | MOSCOW MUSIC THEATRE | The MuseumsQuartier Wien (Austria) | Paris, France | "Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" in Astana | KBS hall, Seoul, Korea | Alice Tully Hall, LINCOLN CENTER (USA, New York) | TOKYO BUNKA KAIHAN (Tokyo, Japan) and others
  • Ballet "Russian Traceries" / "Day-Night" | Musical show theater "Premiere" | Director - Ivan Fadeev | Day of Krasnodar 224 | Russia


    Films / movies:


Music for sand art animations:

"Jaguar cars"  ;  "Japan sand art" ;  "Two sides"  ;  "Cafe"  ;  "Mask" ;  "Chess"

More videos of sand art animations with music by Bulat Gafarov here:



Music for computer game Music for computer game  "Shelter Online" | "Digital Worlds company"

Compositions by Bulat Gafarov sounds in many programs on radio and TV around the world






Collaborations and joint Projects of Bulat Gafarov

Collaborations and joint projects of Bulat Gafarov:

 With famous Artists of the world: Bobby McFerrin (Opera “Bobble” | USA | Moscow International Performing Arts Center), Andrey Makarevich ("Creation of Peace" & "Journey Of The World"), Mark Pekarsky ("57 facets"), "Chaif" ("Kinotavr" 2009), Dmitry Malikov ("Pianomania"), Sati Kazanova (Olympic Games 2014 & festivals), Ivan Urgant (1TV & Yukos), Garik Sukachyov (Film "House of the sun"), Eugene Stychkin (Ballet "The Little Prince"), Chulpan Hamatova (Ballet "The Little Prince" & film "House of the sun"), "Volga" (Norway and Kazan tour), "Namgar" (album "Nomad", Canada tour), Pelagea (Siberia/Moscow), Tina Kuznetsova (Moscow), Nino Katamadze (Georgian Republic), Sergey Starostin (Russia), "Hi-fi" (song "Beda" ("Trouble"), Yuriy "Mono" & "GreenPoint" band ("Kazantip", "Kino Yalta", "Kinotavr"), Brynjar Rasmussen ("Arctic Mood"), Igor Grigorev (Music video "Oxueli"), Alexander Vasiliev (fashion historian), Vasily Fedorovich Shcherbakov (Moscow Conservatory), Nogon Shumarov (Altai), Alexander Zhikharev (album "Singing Bronze"), Lena Kaufman (France), Artem Yakushenko ("Two Siberians"), Dashi Namdakov (Sculptor. Russia), Joey Blake (USA/Boston), Christiane Karam (Lebanon/Boston), Al Di Meola (Festival "Transfiguration"), Marta Ruiz Villamil (Cuba), Edson Cordeiro (Brazil/Germany), Andrey Mongush (Tuva), Adam Matta (New York), Andreas Schaerer (Germany/Zurich), Vladimir Kryzhanovsky (Moscow), Brenna MacCrimmon (Toronto/Istanbul), Bori Magyar (Budapest), Yuriy Balashev (painter & musician), Andreas Jones (Drummer. "AJ Orchestra"), "Nineva" group ("Music for Raja"), Sergey Filatov ("Ethnosphere"), Cheynesh Baitushkina (Altai), "Tetris" (Russian group), "Alex Parasense" (Alexey Kurkin), "Band'Eros" (Russian hip-hop group), Vahtang Kalandadze (Beatboxer), ensemble "Chukotka" (Russia), "Couple" band / Dmitry Vasilyev &Katya Chernyavskaya, Jan Bederman (Russia), Bogdan Titomir ("Kazantip"), Herman Vinogradov (Performances), "Zerkalo" & "Azimut" (Projects), Marina Sabianina (Moscow), Gaya Arutyunyan (Armenia), with orchestras in Moscow, Buryatia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and many others.

 With famous Directors of the world: Yevgeni Grishkovets (perfomance "Siege" ("Osada"), Garik Sukachyov ("House of the sun"), Vera Glagoleva (film "Ferris Wheel"), Nikita Dmitrievsky (ballets "Sansara", "The Little Prince", "Alem"), Nikolay Basin ("Ballet Moskva"), Olga Stolpovskaja (film "Fishman"), Natalia Anastaseva (perfomance "Sleep In Summer Night"), Igor Grigurko, Patrick Rollen, Aleksey Shilin, Anzhela Golubeva (perfomance "Hotel of two worlds"), German Pikus, Artem Kochukov (film "On the low frequency"), Tandy Beal (Opera "Bobble"), John Woo (Premiere of "The Crossing" in Moscow), Stephan Gero Kämpf (Treeproduction at the Eco-Club GSE), Ivan Fadeev (Ballet "Russian Traceries") and many others.

 Theaters in Russia: "Mariinsky Theater", "The Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre", "Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhova" (MXAT), "Moscow Art Theater M. Gorky", "Pushkin Theater", "Maly Theater", RAMT ("Russian Academic Youth Theater"), "Bolshoi Theater", "Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation", The Theater Center "Na Strastnom", "Russian Institute of Theatre Arts" (GITIS), "Theatre by V.S Meyerhold", "Theatre Baikal", Musical show theater "Premiere", "Small World Theater", Experimental theatre "Pag&Arm" and many other theaters.

 Theaters outside of Russia: "Lincoln Center" and "Alice Tully Hall" (New York, USA), "The MuseumsQuartier Wien" - Halle E (Austria), KBS hall (Seoul, Korea), Tokyo Bunka Kaihan (Tokyo, Japan), France, Paris, "Astana ballet", "Astana Opera", "Palace of Peaceand Reconciliation" (Kazakstan) and many other theaters.

Bulat played concerts for presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, Turkey, ambassadors of France, Japan, India, Jordan, Mongolia and others.

Bulat and his Toke-cha band played at many festivals in Russia, USA, Canada, Norway, Holland, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kalmykia and Uzbekistan.

Algeria  Azetbaijan  Kazakhstan  Kuwait  Lebanon  Palestine  Russia  Sudan  Tajikistan  Uzbekistan

Bulat was in many countries where he studied folklore, singing and playing various musical instruments.

He has organized several successful ethnographic expeditions where he recorded a unique musical material.

On the web site of his band Bulat created a unique e-encyclopedia of musical instruments.

Bulat and his band has many diplomas and awards from the Government of Moscow, India and various festivals.




Bulat Gafarov winner of international songwriting competitions

Bulat Gafarov winner of international songwriting competitions:

International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

Great American Song Award

USA Songwriting Competition

Malibu Music Awards



XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014 | Bulat Gafarov

Bulat played concerts at XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014

Solo, duet with Sati Kazanova & band



Bulat Gafarov's music featured in audio channels:


Virgin America | Bulat Gafarov

Virgin America

US Airways | Bulat Gafarov

US Airways

Holiday Inn | Bulat Gafarov

Holiday Inn

Auchan | Bulat Gafarov


Chaihona №1 | Bulat Gafarov

Chaihona №1

Bamboo.Bar | Bulat Gafarov




Mass media / Press about Bulat Gafarov

Mass media | Tv | Radio | Press | Diplomas:

  • TV: CNN, BBC, Russia Today, Euronews, ORT (Main Russian TV Channel), Russia-1, NTV, STS, TV-3, Stolitsa (Capital), MIR (World), ТNТ, Kultura (Culture), Karusel, Doverie-Tv and many others |  Some TV videos here  Interview with Bulat Gafarov
  • Radio: Radio of Russia, Mayak, Kultura (Culture), Silver Rain, Govorit Moskva, RUSA Radio, Moscow Fm, Arsenal, Jazz and many others.
  • Internet radios:, iHeartRadio,, Jango, Rdio, Slacker Radio, MixRadio,, 8tracks, Indie 104 - iRadio LA, Radio Crystal Blue, ruKus Radio, Freeradio4u and many others
  • Magazines: "Jalouse", "Royals", "Ethnosphere", "Alquimia", "Moscow Times", "Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung", BC news, "Castlegar News", "Moscow orientir", "Village", "MusicZeitGeist", "Hammer" and many others  | Some Press articles here  Press articles about Bulat Gafarov
  • Diplomas and Certificates | Some diplomas and certificates here  Diplomas and Certificates of Bulat Gafarov  




Discography / albums by Bulat Gafarov / Toke-Cha

Discography / albums by Bulat Gafarov / Toke-Cha:

"Phytogenesis Music" [2002]

iTunes | "Phytogenesis music"  iTunes    Amazon | "Phytogenesis music"  Amazon

"Matrix" [2003], "Live 2004" [2004]


"Live 2005" [2005]

iTunes | "Live 2005"  iTunes    Amazon | "Live 2005"  Amazon

"On Line" [2006-2007]

iTunes | "On line"  iTunes    iTunes | "On line"  Amazon

Double album "Eclecticus" [2011]

iTunes | "Eclecticus"  iTunes    Amazon | "Eclecticus"  Amazon

"Harmony" music for the ballet [2014]

iTunes | "Harmony"  iTunes    Amazon | "Harmony"  Amazon

"Trek of the Little Prince" for the ballet [2015]

iTunes | "Trek of the Little Prince"  iTunes    Amazon | "Trek of the Little Prince"  Amazon

"8 Countries" [2017]

Amazon | "8 Countries" by Bulat Gafarov / Toke-Cha  iTunes    Amazon | "8 Countries" by Bulat Gafarov / Toke-Cha  Amazon

Mini album "156" [2017]

iTunes | Album "156" by Bulat Gafarov / Toke-Cha  iTunes    Amazon | Album "156" by Bulat Gafarov  Amazon




"NB" [ Ethno drum & bass | Jungle | 2013 ]

iTunes | "NB" by Bulat Gafarov  iTunes    Amazon | "NB" by Bulat Gafarov  Amazon

"ANYA" [ IDM | Vocal Drum'n'Bass | 2015 ]

iTunes | "ANYA" by Bulat Gafarov  iTunes    Amazon | "ANYA" by Bulat Gafarov  Amazon

"Deeply" [ Vocal BreakBeat | PsyChill | 2015]

iTunes | "Deeply" by Bulat Gafarov  iTunes    Amazon | "Deeply" by Bulat Gafarov  Amazon

"Birds" [ Oriental World music | 2015 ]

iTunes | "Birds" by Bulat Gafarov  iTunes    Amazon | "Birds" by Bulat Gafarov  Amazon

"Day-Night" [ Russian world music | 2017 ]

iTunes | "Day-Night"  iTunes    Amazon | "Day-Night" by Bulat Gafarov  Amazon

"All the World's a Stage" [ IDM song | 2020 ]

iTunes |   iTunes    Amazon |   Amazon




Own musical projects of Bulat Gafarov

Own musical projects of Bulat Gafarov:


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Wikipedia | Bulat Gafarov


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