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Journey around World Music - Educational music program / Musical master-class

"Journey around World Music"

Educational сoncert / Musical master-class / Workshop






"JOURNEY AROUND WORLD MUSIC" - unique author's musical interactive educational concert / live master-class / program / workshop by world famous professional composer / virtuoso multi-instrumentalist / ethnographer / collector of over 1000 musical instruments / human-orchestra / one-man band BULAT Gafarov.

"The concert of Bulat Gafarov is a unique author's multimedia show. During his solo multi-instrumental performance, the listener makes an unforgettable musical journey around the world." The New York Times

Bulat talks about musical instruments and traditions of different countries of the world from antiquity to our time. He plays his musical compositions in which he demonstrates how these musical instruments sound in an archaic and modern format. Here are some of the instruments that Bulat uses in his master classes: various world flutes, jew's harps, kalimbs, didgeridoo, topshur, tsuraz, kalyuka, tambourines, oudu, darbuka, igil, accordions, singing bowls and bells, glucophone, throat and oriental singing other.

Bulat is an ethnographer-traveler who has traveled half of the world, organized ethnographic expeditions to search for ancient folklore in many regions of Russia, the CIS and other countries of the world.

As a composer, he writes music for ballets and theatrical performances that are staged in the largest concert halls in America, Canada, France, Austria, Korea, China, Japan, Uzbekistan, Buryatia, Russia and other countries.

As a virtuoso musician, "Orchestra Man" has performed in almost 50 countries around the world, at the best concert venues. Also a guest of honor at events at the highest level, for presidents, ambassadors and VIPs.

For all these achievements, the media / mass media call Bulat Gafarov "King of World Music style".

In the past, this author's program of Bulat Gafarov was called "Ethno-Musical Journey" (Ethno Musical Journey) - a musical master class for students of institutes, universities and colleges. And in a truncated version, he now lives in the wings of other musicians and teachers who were inspired by the work of Bulat Gafarov.

For the events held, Bulat Gafarov was awarded many official letters, diplomas and gratitude from governments and embassies of different states, festivals, foundations, institutes, schools, colleges and others

The duration of the master-class / concert / workshop is on average one and a half hours.

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Author: One-man band / Solo multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov:


"One-man band" Bulat Gafarov - "Kalimba-malimba":

Multi-instrumental solo concert:


Multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov - "Fog":

Human-orchestra Bulat Gafarov - "Fire":




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