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Official website of the professional composer, unique musician multiinstrumentalist and singer,

collector of musical instruments and ethnographer Bulat Gafarov


Bands of Bulat Gafarov:  Toke-Cha band,   Bulat Project,   B and S,   Azimut,   Beul-beul



One-man band performance of Bulat Gafarov

Live multi-instrumental "One-man band show"

Music to order for films, performances and advertising

Music to order for films, performances and advertising


Musical Instruments of Bulat Gafarov / Toke-Cha

More than 300 live and electronic musical instruments in personal collection



Multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov

Multimedia show | Bulat Gafarov

One-man band show | Bulat Gafarov

Professional composer | Bulat Gafarov

Play violin and singing | Bulat Gafarov

Percussions & Overtone singing | Bulat Gafarov

Bulat and musical instruments

Kalimba flute darbuka voice | Bulat Gafarov Play flute | Bulat Gafarov


  E-mail: bulat@bulatgafarov.com            bulat.gafar@gmail.com

 Contact phone for booking and ordering music:  + 7 916 695 79 93



iTunes | Bulat Gafarov

Amazon | Bulat Gafarov

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